Function - GrowlIf(condition, [message])


When a Condition is met, sends a Growl message.

NOTE: Do not nest this function. It must be the main function in a cell, ie: =GrowlIf(...

GrowlIf() will only send out one alert each time the threshold condition is exceeded. It will not continue to send alerts. However if threshold condition subsides, but then is again exceeded, another alert will be sent. No alert is initially sent if the condition is already met when formula is typed in.


  1. Condition: When changes from FALSE to TRUE, a growl will be sent. TRUE to FALSE will not send a message. (required TRUE/FALSE value)
  2. Message: Message to be sent to Growl when Condition becomes TRUE. If omitted, a blank ('') message will be sent. (optional Text value)


=GrowlIf(B5 > 10, "Price has been exceeded")

Example time-flow:

1) Enter formula with Condition initially: FALSE TRUE
2) Text initially displayed: "Never Growled" "Already TRUE" (but no Growl sent)
3) Condition then changes to TRUE. Cell text: "Growled @ XX:XX:XX" (Growl sent) stays "Already TRUE" (no Growl sent)
3) Sheet recalcs. Condition still TRUE. Cell text: stays "Growled @ XX:XX:XX" (no Growl sent) stays "Already TRUE" (no Growl sent)
5) Condition then changes to FALSE. Cell text: "Reset @ YY:YY:YY" "Reset @ YY:YY:YY"
6) Condition then changes to TRUE. Cell text: "Growled @ ZZ:ZZ:ZZ" (Growl sent) "Growled @ ZZ:ZZ:ZZ" (Growl sent)